1. almost human (13:14)
2. the empire never ended (6:18)
3. hello tomorrow (5:34)
4. the martian chronicles (4:45)
5. dr. Grimshaw's sanitorium (8:08)
6. beyond infinity (5:27)
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Album recorded, mixed and mastered by Fabio Recchia aka Reeks at Hombrelobo (Rome, Italy)
Chris Corsano drums
Massimo Pupillo Bass
David Chalmin Guitar and additional electronics
Speaking and synths parts were recorded in counter-phase. If you play the CD in mono, they will cancel each other out and you’ll be left with solely the instrumental part.
1. almost human             13:12
‘Have you heard of a new science called cybernetics ? It concerns man's effort to develop a perfect thinking machine. A robot electronic brain that would not only do man's work, but even do his thinking for him. A robot that is almost human...’
2. the empire never ended     6:16
‘...tic-toc, 7 o'clock, time to rise, open your eyes...’
3. hello tomorrow             5:32
‘It was in the year 1991 that men disappeared from the face of the earth. The third atomic war had ended at last, leaving the land a mass of red radioactive dust. It is to this civilzation, in the year of our Lord 4195 AD that we take you now.’
4. the martian chronicles        4:43
‘bye mum I'm going out !’
Martian stories from the Ray Bradbury novel
5. dr Grimshaw's sanatorium    8:06
‘What you will hear transcribed in the next half hour represents either a magnificient hoax, or the true explanation of the famous Grimshaw's sanitorium scandal which made the headlines back in 1947. 1...2...3...5..... We made it ! These are facts, you can check them if you like. The rest of what I write here is so fantastic, that I don't expect it to be believed.’
6. beyond infinity             5:27
‘...That voice we heard. It's the voice of a human being, the last member of a race whose blood is mine. For in the space of ten seconds of our time, Alan and Eva, settled upon their microscopic planet, had sons and daughters who created a peaceful race that lived and died, beyond infinity. And my children, Alan and Eva, who founded that race, are dead and gone, ten million years ago, ten seconds ago.’